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Enable campaign geolocation tracking for opens

In order to enable geolocation tracking for opens, to show you a breakdown of the countries that open your emails, something like:

You have to follow a few steps.

  1. Go to Backend > Extend > Extensions and enable the MaxMind Location extension.
  2. Once the extension is enabled, click on it to set it up, the setup screen should look like:
  3. Using the MaxMind location extension requires you to load the maxmind ip location database, so go to Backend > Locations > MaxMind Database and follow the steps from the page:
    Basically you just have to download the maxmind database and place it in the right folder.

Doing all the above means your system is now ready to track the ip location of your subscribers and translate it in meaningful data which you can use in stats.

Now, by default campaigns will not show the Campaigns Geo Opens graph, that is a feature you can enable for all customers or for certain groups of customers.
To enable the feature for all customers, go to Backend > Settings > Customers > Campaigns and set “Show geo opens” to Yes.
Do the same for any customer group you want to see this graph.

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